WOR(l)D Global Network review

WORLD Global Network review: WOR(l)D Global Network is one of the hottest MLM companies when we enter 2018, with a massive success in the few years they have been around (launched 2013). They really seem to have picked up speed from 2015 and cached on in Europe in 2016/17. WOR(l)D  offer what they claim to be state of the art wearable technology solutions, such as the helo wristband. They also offer solar systems, video communication suite, pad and phone, and other products.

I have two main concerns about WOR(l)D. First is how they will compete with Fitbit and Apple, as we all know even Google have a hard time taking on Apple. I cannot see a MLM company offering Apple any competition. Their distributors claim their products are better and cheaper, but in the tech marketplace what is hot today is crap tomorrow. And a warehouse full of outdated tech is worthless, unless you sell it to uncritical distributors of course.

The other problem with WOR(l)D is that their distributors make fake claims. Do you really have a great product if you have to lie to sell it? Note that these lies do not come from the company itself, but it seems they close their eyes to the fact that their distributors make up stories and facts. So what is the big lie we in WORLD Global Network review found?

According to several distributors websites the head of design with WOR(l)D, Antonio de Rosa, worked for many years at Apple and designed the iPhone 6 for the Californian technology company. Since 2015, De Rosa has been working as head designer for World Global Network. The problem is that he has never worked for Apple. He have made a name for himself by predicting new Apple products, such as the iPhone 6, but that is as close as he ever came to work for Apple. In fact I can do the same thing, guess the look and features of the iPhone 12 for example (yes it’s not right around the corner, but I can still predict its look and features).

WOR(l)D helo wristband

Cost to join

It is recommended to buy the helo wristband to get started, as $320. Some of the benefits of the Helo watch band are; Relieves joint pain – Increase blood circulation – Experience relief from insomnia to get better sleep – Helps your body eradicate toxins from system. Of course not very well documented benefits, bit of you strongly believe it works it might make a difference.

You also need to pay a partner joining fee of $100 and a monthly fee of $39. If you want to be all in they have packages up to $1600.


WOR(l)D has a binary system which pays on sales rather than points. You get percentages of your weak legs sales, when you have a balance of 50-50. In addition to this they pay fast cash on one time sales (not on the monthly fee). And they offer a range of bonuses.

Their binary pay-out is not great, you get paid way less than in many other binary pay plans. But their fast cash makes up for some of this.

WOR(l)D Conclusion

It does not look like a bad company. As I wrote, I doubt their tech can hold stand against Apple, but on the other hand Apple will never launch a wristband that claim it has healing benefits so maybe it can work for WOR(l)D. I think it is a company that will be around for some time.

WOR(l)D wristband

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