VIP Premier, a new casino coin scam

VIP Premier is one of the latest coin scams to be launched, claiming to be fully operational from July 2019. They guaranty a 25% weekly return on your deposit, for 6 weeks. For example, by investing $20 you will receive a return of $30 (they use small amounts to clearly this scam is targeting low income countries, especially in Asia). If you cannot wait weeks for your returns you can gamble and double your money.

VIP Premier claim to be a financing platform for casinos in Macau China, Genting Highlands Malaysia, and Entertainment City Philippines. They even claim to be under the strict supervision of Macau Online Financial Board (MOFB). Funny people. I think we can all agree on that there is no way this type of operation would be allowed to operate out of Macau. I guess this is why they host their webpages with GoDaddy on Singapore. Their hosting is by the way extremely slow, they use a shared hosting account, probably the smallest package available with GoDaddy.

What truly sets VIP Premier apart from other scams is that they rely on their members to act as their bankers. You can join and apply to become a banker and by doing so earn additional income. The downside is of course that you become part of their money laundering network, so might end up in jail when the scam is closed down. They have a car bonus, and offers to buy you a used none luxury SUV if you generate a decent volume of business for them. I have to say, it is the first time I ever seen a used car bonus in the network marketing industry. You will however get a new car if you double your volume and don’t request the used SUV – but you still will not receive a luxury car.

Personal sales generate 5%, and you receive 0.005% from level 2 to 10. It is a really poor pay-out, so not your typical MLM pay plan rewards. I guess this is in line with the used car bonus.

It was not possible to find a ‘banker’ on their webpage so I don’t know how you fund your account. I will assume that the business is so new that they haven’t found any idiots to take on the role as bankers yet, but this might change as Asians seem to love these kind of scams; you are promised high returns, everyone knows that they will never see their money again.

As always, the good advice is to stay away! There is no way you can get 25% weekly return. Their webpage is poorly made, many features are not tested and don’t work. They are defiantly not operated from Macau.