TechVision another trading scam

The MLM scamster go from one company to another as they start to collapse, and eventually they understand who makes the big money, the people behind. So they start launching their own companies, which seem to be the case with TechVision, just another trading scam.

The company was registered in New Zealand on July 26th, 2019 (TechVision Limited). Benjamin Lengyel is claimed to be the director, it seem to be an actor playing the role in a video they posted, no one with this name exist online. The company seem to be managed from Europe, which is the case for many of the scams these days.

Names associated with the company is Christel van Der Steen, Ardy van Breugel and Klemen Andlovec. Van Der Steen is known from FutureNet and Cannerald, two recent Ponzi schemes, and is probably one of the founders. Akash Kumar, a self claimed forex professional have taken the title Country Head on LinkedIn. And a John Vu from Vietnam refer to himself as leader. It seem John Vu is running meetings building this scam in Vietnam.

TechVision returns

There is non product, you invest money and by pure magic you will receive an amazing return, from 120% in 20 days up to 893% in 190 days, but then you need to invest more than €100 000. No doubt another scam, there is no way money can grow this quickly. But it will of cource be presented as real returns in the investors back office, until the day they want to withdraw their money

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