Talk Fusion review

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina in 2007; he has been in the marketing industry for over 25+ years. Talk Fusion sells digital products that helps promote businesses online. This range from their video email product to live meetings chat solutions. When the company launched this was probably ground breaking online services, today you can chose between a wide range of solutions which probably cost less (or are free) that are just as good if not better. To be honest, it seems Talk Fusion is stuck in time, not being able to reinvent itself to keep up with the massive competition there is in the business segment today.

Talk Fusion logo


  • Video Email: This allows you to stand out by combining HD videos into your emails. There are over 1000 email templates to choose from.
  • Video Newsletters: This software allows you to create video newsletters on your website which allegedly increases your email opt-in rate. It has drag and drop features so no coding experience is needed.
  • Live Meetings: This is video conferencing software where you can have live meetings for up to 500 people. It allows you to share your files and desktop with the attendees and allows you to record meetings in HD.
  • Video Chat: This is an app that connects people regardless of what device they are using.
  • Sign-up Forms: This allows you to place customized sign-up forms on your website to capture leads. It also sends a follow-up using a video autoresponder

Cost to join/monthly

To get started with Talk fusion you need to spend from 125 USD up to 1499 USD for their whole range of products. There is also monthly cost, from 25 to 75 USD. As we wrote initially, the cost does not reflect the real value of these products in today’s world, the monthly subscription alone will get you what you need so the fixed cost cannot be justified in the normal business world, you should ask yourself if it can be justified in the MLM world.

A major concern with the products is the fact that they are really not retail MLM products at al. And the idea that the average networker will go promote the products to professional business seem very little lightly. So who buys the products then? After all legal network marketing is all about selling products to none distributors, if the sale is mainly generated from the network it no longer a legal business model.

Pay Plan

Their pay plan is on the average. You have fast cash bonuses per sale and binary commissions. For top earners there are mega bonuses, ensuring that they key builders will earn the big money they require to be in a MLM business. 60% of the distributors earn no commissions at all, but in the world of MLM this is not that bad.


Overall I think Talk Fusion is outdated, if it ever was in date. The products are not really good for MLM. The pricing is too high. But they have been around for a long time, which some people consider a key point when joining MLM.