Skyway becomes NEEW

The greed of scamsters know no boundaries, Skyway becomes NEEW which will take over the world economy. If you dont know Skyway, they have since 2014 raised money for their transport system which would replace all public transport in the world, but after raising hundreds of millions of euro all they have managed is to build 1000 meters of train track and not sold a single transport system. Well, we know better, they never tried to sell their transport system, it was solely used to scam people.

What is NEEW (also referred to as N.E.E.W)?

We can use their own description, from their webpage,
The CryptoUnit (CRU) Program provides an opportunity to receive financial knowledge and become a participate of the Closed Club of co-owners, shareholders of the Global Investment Portfolio, which operates in all segments and sectors of the investment market.

Simply explained, the money you send them will be invested into different sectors and represent a future value of the cryptocurrency. This dont sound too bad. But there is a catch, well, there are many:

First of all, their history. Some claim they have raised €400 million to fund Skyway, and as we know, there haven’t been a single sale of this products. So managing money and building businesses is not their strong side.

They have on the other hand financed a Sushi restaurant. Good for them, just what I would want to own for a few hundred million euro…

Your investment will generate sky high returns, in some cases 20%+ per day. If you invest money into traditional business you might get 20% in a year, not 10 000%. So all lies.

Your money will cover commissions, more or less half of what you send them will be eaten up by commissions, which mean the other half need to work double for you. This mean that their claimed return of 20%+ actually is 40%+. How lightly is that?

Their cryptocurrency is useless (worthless) outside their financial system. Why own it when it cannot be used as money?

What does NEEW sell?

This is the best part, but it is the classical crypto scam setup; you buy education from NEEW, not cryptocurrencies. This is the same setup as OneCoin used. In fact, the education is only available in Russian, but according to NEEW this is not a problem as YouTube has a translation service, so you can get the videos texted in your own language.

But when you buy the education they will give you coins, and this is of course what people purchase. People are sold an investment, the education is just to make it easier to get around money laundering regulations.

In fact, on their webpage they write very little about education but a whole lot about future returns. Their goal is to build a 100 trillion dollar investment pool. When they reach 100 trillion dollars their coin will have a value of 1250 dollar. You can also expect to receive up to 50 dollars in annual returns by holding the coin. You can purchase the coin today for 1 dollar.

NEEW has taken greed to a totally new level. OneCoin have finally reach mainstream media news with their 4 billion euro scam. NEEW want to scam people for 100 trillion dollars.

Key people behind NEEW

Andrey Fedorovich Khovratov, CEO Skyway and NEEW

Andrey Fedorovich Khovratov is the CEO of the SWIG group of companies
The best business-coach in financial and investment personal development of 2018 according to the MELON RICH magazine and FINANCE TIMES business journal

Igor Romanenko founder of Skyway, now NEEW

Igor Romanenko is the Global Investment Portfolio asset management Director. Currently, Igor Romanenko is the CFO of SWIG (Skyway) and manager of a portfolio, which has already provided capital growth of 26% per day.

Antonina Kiyanovskaya
Head of the Academy of a Private Investor education department
Armand Murnieks
Member of the Multilevel Crowdinvesting Department board of directors
Petru Jalba
Member of the Multilevel Crowdinvesting Department board of directors

Valentina Sokolnikova
Sevastjanova Margarite
Anete Martinsone
Ljudmila Serdjukova

Strategic partners: “Innovative Basalt technologies” – Dmitry Voronov, “Sushi Master” – Alex Yanovskiy, “SCHCKARD” – Serik Terekesh, “GeniePay” – Evgeniy Kabanov, Filmmaking – Nurlan Mamakeev (producer “KIT-MARVEL”), Innovative transport technology “SkyWay” – Anatoly Yunitskiy, World Public Association “World Generals – for Peace” (charity sector) – Anatoly Skargin

Money laundering setup

As you would expect from a scam like this money paid into the scam is routed through a wide range of banks and companies. They even accept card payments, using a company in Russia which hide the real purpose of the payments from Visa/MasterCard.

This is the shortlist of banks and companies used November 2019 (note that they now state that they do not accept wire transfers, but the banking details are still available on their website):

Dubai Islamic Bank
AE19 0240 0025 2116 1350 302

Wealth creation coaching ltd
Director SERDJUKOVA, Ljudmila (Estonia)
(MURNIEKS, Armands resigned – Latvia)

Santander Bank UK
Director MARTINSONE, Anete (Latvia)




NAB Bank Australia

Master Profi Education Pvt Ltd

NEEW (Skyway) summary

In this Skyway becomes NEEW article we haven’t looked at their payplan as there is no point wasting time on how commissions are being paid when there is no real product. But you will earn commissions by sharing this scam with others. And you will lose all your friends when they eventually see that NEEW deliver nothing of real value.

NEEW is a scam. Skyway was a scam. For some reason scamsters seem to believe that if they can steel hundre million dollars, why not steel 100 trillion dollars. If you wonder how 100 trillion looks, this is the number: 100,000,000,000,000. The total debt in the world is 250 trillion dollars. Google is worth close to 1 trillion, NEEW want to create 100 new Google. Good luck with that.

We did a review of Skyway back when it was only focusing on this scam setup, you can read it here >>

November 22 2019 – hiding the past, Skyway

This is an update from their official webpage were they clearly try to disconnect from the skyway scam and hide this from future investors. But there are luckily plenty of webpages like ours which will keep the memory of Skyway alive for years to come.

‘New domain name. The website address will be changed to’ – As of December 2 2019 this domain still dont work…. Seem like changing the domain name is not as easy as they hoped for.

We forbid our partners to:
Publish in personal accounts of social networks, public groups, forums and any other resources, as well as use drawings, illustrations, images, photos and videos with images of SkyWay string transport objects and track structure in presentations, use symbols, logos, photos of official SkyWay representatives, including photos of the author of the technology – Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitsky. Give a personal assessment of current events related to SkyWay technology and provide it as official information.

We urgently demand:
In the very near future, remove all previously published information that could cause reputational harm to the SkyWay group of companies from your personal Internet resources, especially all information about the development of technology in the United Arab Emirates.
in order to avoid misunderstandings, do not enter into debates, do not comment on posts and news related to the development of SkyWay technology in public groups of social networks and forums on the Internet.

Do not use the names of the SkyWay and SWIG group of companies:
Instead of “SkyWay” – “Innovative transport technologies”;
Instead of “SWIG” – “NEEW group of companies”;
Instead of “SWIG PA” – “TNG PA” (Transnet group).
! Violation of this prohibition will be regarded as willful sabotage! Accounts of violators will be blocked without the right to recover.

February 2020 update

On February 25th, Skyway Capital announced it was terminating its cooperation with NEEW, in an effort to try and make an exit scam for the people behind the scam. But since the same people operate both companies, and all the money laundering companies related to this scam, its not a very well designed exit. But it seem NEEW will keep pushing its worthless tokens, India was doing well for a while, my guess is that they will follow the success of Crowd1 and scam people in Africa as a last attempt to make more money. The world is running out of idiots for this scam.