Scam update March 2020

There are so many scams being launched that it would take a fully staffed office to keep track of them all and write reviews. It is surprising to see that people never learn, they lose money and start over and over in the hope that eventually they will be on the top of the pyramide – seem they dont understand that on the top sits the people behind the scam, the only one who makes money.

The latest scams (March 2020 update)

Unity Line Builders – Crypto 2×1 matrix cycler Ponzi
They provide no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. Their domain, was privately registered on January 28th, 2020. Promoted by Johnny Gan (Ganoza), well known from a wide range of scams over the last few years; Xtreme Pro System (2014), Average Joe Profit System (2015), PowerPost Profits (2015), The PLR System (2015), The $100 System (2016), Post 2 Profits (2017), Hustle With Us (2017), BitPayProfits (2017), Infinity Loops (2018) and Paytron BTC (2019).

It seem education (ebooks) is the product, used by most crypto scams to try and avoid regulations. Payments and commissions are done solely in crypto.

As of march 03 their website still mainly contain of dummy content, so there dont seem to be any real business going on. Besides being promoted as a great opportunity online.

KryptoGlobe – 4ArtCoin Ponzi points
KryptoGlobe’s domain ( was privately registered on November 30th, 2019. There is no real contact information on the business, they have stolen a picture online to represent their CEO.

KryptoGlobe affiliates use cryptocurrency to invest in 4ArtCoin. Commissions are paid when they recruit others who do the same. KryptoGlobe pays commissions via a unilevel compensation structur. There is very little information about the valuation of their 4ArtCoin, but it for sure will go up in value for no special reason, until it drops to zero one day.

Clube365 – another Bitcoin fraud
Their domain was privately registered on December 4th, 2019. So a fairly new scam. It seem Sann Rodrigues could be behind, he is promoting the scam. For those who dont know him, he fled Brasil recently is seem to be hiding in Portugal, he was charged for the TelexFree scam and have also been involved in the iFreeX scam.

Clube 365 claims it generates returns via sports arbitrage, forex and cryptocurrency trading and binary options. With a well known scamster behind the scheme it is undoubtedly a fraud.