OneCoin Scam review

When I first made a OneCoin scam review, back in 2015, they claimed to have 400 000 members. In 2017 they claimed to have 3 million members, and if true it will be biggest scam in the history of MLM by far. Back in 2015 they were not as greedy as they ended up being, the maximum package cost 12 500 euros in 2015, in 2016 they launched a 225 000 euro package…

So what are you paying for? Good question, they started out selling education so that they officially did not sell coins, simply as banks would never accept these payments. But clearly when you pay thousands of euros you dont pay for education. Thereality is that people joined and paid (I hope no one join these days) to receive coins which OneCoin claimed was a crypto currency. The problem with this is that a cryptocurrency is based on a public blockchain, OneCoin have never been able to document that it has a blockchain. The reality beoynd any doubt is that OneCoin was selling coins from a big bucket with unlimited supply. So no mining, no blockchain, and certainly not anything that could be shown public.

As funny as it sound today, OneCoin claimed back in 2015 that they launched their coin as Bitcoin had failed. We all know the history, Bitcoin went from 250 USD to 20 000 USD in late 2017, and then back to 7-8 000 USD. OneCoin on the other hand sold in a 5000% return, which is why people went crazy, but today you cannot spend your OneCoins, I doubt you can even sell them. Bitcoin on the other hand is a real asset. You have to feel sorry for the people wasting hundreds of thousands of Euro on OneCoins, if they bought Bitcoin they would be very happy today.

OneCoin is not dead, people who have lost huge sums of money don’t loose hope that easy, so OneCoin keep telling them that soon their coins can be used, or sold. It is estimated that the founders of OneCoin cashed in several billion euros from the scam. So they probably have enough money to re-launch some kind of business hoping that they will not end up in jail. But the coin value can never be restored, when you fake 5000% growth there is no way you can deliver on it.

Some OneCoin scam review facts:

  • Offiically OneCoin’s Founder, Owner and Chief Operating Officer is Dr. Ruja Ignatova
  • She claim to be well educated, no evidence of this have ever been documented
  • We believe that the well know scamsters Sebastian Greenwood and Nigel Allan created the scam, on early videos you will see that they have all the knowledge about OneCoin, Dr. Ruja Ignatova dont have an idea about what OneCoin is
  • Ted Nuten from Business From Home is one of the reasons OneCoin were able to fool millions of people. His website Business From Home is supposed to serve MLM facts, in reality he promote companies such as OneCoin, hiding behind general MLM news
  • In 2015 OneCoin bought a page in Forbes Magazine Bulgaria and told their members that Forbes had written about OneCoin

Scamsters will do whatever it takes to steel people’s money. We hope our OneCoin Scam Review will help you the next time someone present you with a scam. If you where fooled by OneCoin you are not an idiot, they ran a very professional operation. But learn from your mistakes, don’t jump onto the next scam to try and recover your losses, it will not work.

If you want to dig deep into this scam simply visit this webpage; OneCoin Scam Info

Onecoin and the founders

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