iBuumerand, another travel MLM

Over the last year or so the number of distributors in World Ventures have fallen like a rock, and it’s no wonder as their pay plan is really bad. It would seem that many have instead joined iBuumerang, another travel MLM. As always with travel MLM’s they promise big savings, big earnings but in reality, there is no worse way to book your travel.

iBuumerand is managed Holton Buggs, recently known from the crypto scam IQ Chain, which was associated with Ormeus Global, another crypto scam. Before this Holton worked with Organo Gold, which is a real MLM business, so his track record is not all bad. But he clearly scammed enough people in IQ Chain to enable him to build and launch iBuumerang.

Big savings, which saves you zero

iBuumerand claim to offer people big savings. But people who know the hotel industry can tell you that there are no big savings, only clever marketing. You probably know that hotels have high seasons and low seasons. Now if you want to make your booking site stand out you compare the price of a room in high season with low season and you will get a discount of 50-70%. But if you have set travel dates you cannot choose the season; you need to book at the hotels current price. In most cases the hotels webpage will offer you the same if not a better price than what Holton Buggs can offer you. So, there are no real savings.

What are people paying for?

In most travel MLM companies, such as iBuumerand, the signup cost and monthly fees are there to generate commissions. No one makes money from travel. When you pay $1000 to join iBuumerand and thereafter $100 per month and get nothing of real value the businesses model is probably not legal. Now iBuumerand will claim you get real value, you receive 50 signup codes for your $100, which you can use to refer booking customers with. How stupid is that, you can go to any booking site and book your travel, if you want to use iGo, their booking site, you need an invitation.

When someone book on iGo this generates commissions. But not from the booking fees, no, your customers only get half their savings, the rest is paid as commissions. The booking which could save your customers $200 only gives $100 in savings. Now add to this as we explained above, there are no 70% savings on hotel bookings, and your referred customers will pay significantly more than if they booked directly with the hotel.  

A none sustainable business

There is no way booking customer will pay extra to stay in a hotel for you to earn commissions. People want the best price, final. This can only mean that the entire business of iBuumerang is based around signup fees and monthly fees, this leads us to believe it is a Ponzi rather than a real business. You might think twice before wasting your money. Why not spend your savings on travel instead of on iBuumerand, another travel MLM….