Hotelium scam review

Hotelium is also promoted as (yes we know, the scamsters have run out of good names). Simply explained they offer you amazing returns from hotel investments. 5% per month from loyalty returns, and 200% on your investment.

The 5% seem to happen by magic, average hotel returns are 10% per year, so how they can return 5% when they invest only 20% of your money in hotels is a mystery to us. The math is simple, one fifth of your investment will generate hotel returns, the average return is 10% – this mean you might get 2% per year (you will get nothing of course, it is a scam).

The 200% return is from a growing value of their token. You can probably see that there will be a huge demand for this token when they have bought most of the hotels in the world (with the 20% they spend on hotel investments). If they manage to raise a few hundred billion dollars this is the token to hold onto. Just kidding, it is a classical shit-token, it is worthless, and will always be worthless.

Their main selling point to prove that the token is real is a listing on a crypto exchange. We havent looked into this as it dont make a difference, and you can pay to get listed shit-coins on a lot of exchanges.


This scam use a unilevel combined with a binary, a normal setup for crypto scams. There is of course fast cash commissions, making sure people rob their best friends for up to 30 000 euro. I never understood how these people sleep at night, when you sell worthless shit to people you know. It is bad enough to scam your friends for 100 euro, but 30 000 euro? It makes me sick.

There is only one advice: stay away. This will not end well. They will never buy a hotel. The tokens will become worthless (they are already worthless).

Vladimir Popović is listed as founder, he has a history from several scams, such as CoinSpace. The company is setup in Bulgaria, never a good sign. If you still are stupid enough to invest just keep in mind that you and your friends will lose all your money. Vladimir on the other hand will enjoy your hard earned cash on fancy cars and holidays. Might be better just ask him for his account number and donate the funds directly to him…

Vladimir Popović

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