In this F2TRADING CORPORATION Scam Review you will learn why you should stay away from this opportunity. We dont really need to go in depth to see that this is a traditional crypto scam, it has all the scam warnings written all over it.


On their website they state: a team of professionals currently in the field of CRYPTO TRADING. Helps many investors make money from mining companies in various places around the world with the following coins; Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin in cash, Litecoin, etc.

This was their long version, the short version is that you can get up to 3% per daily return, for a maximum of 200 days or 300% (whichever is first).

When you refer new investors you will receive 6% on their investment, and you can earn a 8% binary bonus.

Why is F2TRADING CORPORATION a scam and not for real?

There is no way you can earn 3% per day, or 300% in 200 days. 3% per month would be possible, but people are not interested in this, greed triggers people to chase these ‘to good to be true’ offers and eventually they will lose their money.

But I see people who claim they get money out? This is how a ponzi works, early investors are paid with deposits made by those joining later. When the scamsters see that the volume of money in i slowing down they close down their operations and steel what is left of the money.

Their webpage has no contact information. There is probably not even a company setup – it is not a business, it is a scam.

Their web hosting is hidden, and the domains privately registered. You cannot easily find these guys, and still people send them money… If a stranger on the street asked you for 1000 dollars and promised to return the next day with 2000 dollars, would you give him the money? Of course not, but when its online it feels OK to send money to someone you have never met money?

What countries are targeted?

If you check out their promo webpage you will see that F2TRADING CORP have done roadshows around the world, targeting low income countries and especially Asian and Latin Americas. This is nothing new, people with less money are more desperate and willing to go all in – even if they cannot afford to take a loss. I heard now that they have started targeting Easter Europe, also a great market for scamsters. The first meetings are also taking place in Latvia. If you live in Latvia, please stay away from F2TRADING CORP, else you will lose your money!

Our advice, as always, if you are offered sky high returns walk away. It is a scam. Even if you get some money out your friends will lose money. Will you scam your friends for a little bit of money? Dont!