eComelize no product MLM

Besides the fact that eComelize is started by someone who have been associated with well-known scams there is no proof that that this business is a scam, besides that Comelize is a no product MLM. But without a product it is an illegal pyramide scheme.

The company provides corporate addresses in Delaware and Spain on its website, there is no proof of any operation in the US but the company is promoted from Malaga, Spain, by the founder JAN-ERIC NYMAN. He has a past with Unaico SiteTalk pyramid scheme and as part of Duncan Arthur’s OneCoin dev team (they claim to no longer work together). We also have ANGELICA DEBRAM as Administration (Sweden)(Facebook link does not work, so probably a fake employee) and THOMAS MYHRVOLD in Marketing (Norway)(dont seem to have much experience from MLM).

eComelize has no products or services, affiliates can only market the eComelize affiliate membership. There is a 10% cash commission and the rest is paid in a binary plan. As always, there is matching bonus, leader bonuses and the car bonus (where would MLM be without the car bonus…). To earn maximum commissions you need a €2790 membership.

eComelize back office

Our understanding is that their idea is that businesses can use their network to promote their products, but we might be wrong, and this would not generate much business since 99% of the business out there want nothing to do with MLM. MLM has become an online cancer, there is not much positive left in this industry, mainly scams and greed.