Cryptyvest mining scam

With its domain registered in August 2019 Cryptyvest is one of the newest crypto mining scams around trying to fool people into believing that Bitcoin mining will make them rich. It is being promoted heavily on LinkedIn by a guy from Morocco, Aziz B, not sure if he is behind the scam or if he is being paid to promote it, but he clearly have some kind of connection to the scam.

At first look it dont seem like the typical MLM mining scam, they only inform about a 5% personal commission on their webpage, but it could be that there are more pay levels.

So why is it a mining scam?

The Company address and registration number belong to Genesis Mining and not Cryptyvest. There is probably no real business behind this offer. I haven’t looked at the business of Genesis since this review is about Cryptyvest.

They guaranty 100% returns in 30 days. Mining returns based on real market conditions will make you 25-50% per year, if you are really lucky.

The name Cryptyvest is a spinn off from which is a real news site about crypto. Scamsters often use names that are close to real businesses as this confuses people to believe there is some kind of connection.

On the website Mark wrote two reviews on 27.07 how great this program is. The problem is that the domain was registered 9 August 2019, so he was satisfied before the business was liveā€¦

Then we have the spelling mistakes, such as WE REPLY TO EVERY EMAIL WITHIN OURS. Clearly not English fraudsters behind this scam.

Summary about the Cryptyvest mining scam

These kind of scams often pay a return to early idiots. Not from mining of course, but other peoples money. This to motivate the early idiots to share their proven return – which is no return, it is money stolen from other people.

There is only one good advice: is a scam. Do not send them any money. Do not share them with others. You will lose your money!

Mining scams in general

If you search on Google for cloud mining, which is what the mining scams claim they are offering (often referred to as hosted mining as well) you will see that most well known crypto companies and exchanges warn people about cloud mining. The reason for this is the simple fact that 95% of the mining operators are scam companies. There is no mining taking place.

If you want to profit from Bitcoin open a trading account with a well known platform (eToro for example) and buy and sell Bitcoin. The risk is sky high, but at least you know where your money is. And if you are lucky, you might make 100% for real.