Cash FX Group Forex Scam

There seem to be no end to all the crypto and forex scams. Cash FX Group Forex scam is the latest, officially launching in Panama on November 8-10 2019. As often with these types of scams they are promoted by the same people, people who dont care if you lose thousands of your hard earned savings. One of these guys are Justin Halladay, known from among others the crypto scam Cloud Token.

Cash FX Group products

This is a classical Forex scam. But before we go into details, lets try and understand what Forex is:

Forex is when you trade in the currency market. You buy one currency against another, like a bet on who of the two will win (for example USD vs EUR). Contrary to the stock market Forex is a zero game – someone has to lose for you to win. Who are in the market? All the big banks and financial institutions. All you need to do is to beat all these professional traders with billions on their trading desk to make a profit. Sounds simple?

Well it gets worse, most Forex brokers keep retail clients on a trading desk, small orders never enters the real market, retail clients trade against the broker. Like gambling in a casino, the house always win.

Whats going on in the Forex market dont really matter when you join the Cash FX Group Forex scam. Your money will never be traded. It will never enter the Forex market. This is also why they only accept Bitcoin, which by the way is not traded in the Forex market.

What triggers peoples greed are the returns. The returns are the key to any scam, you need to offer enough to trigger peoples greed, but not too much, then people start to question it. In Cash FX Group they will return a maximum of 15% per week. They after all dont want to take too high risk, so they limit how much you can earn (its really funny this part).

They of course claim that the money (Bitcoin) will be traded by professional traders with licensed brokers. Lets just make it clear, there are no traders in the world that can return 15% week after week. 15% in a month is something you rarely see. But what you are guarantied to see is loosing weeks and months. Well, that is if the funds are traded, which they are not.

When you purchase the Cash FX trading products you buy nothing. No money are invested, any education you receive is worthless. You pay money into a system which generate commissions for greedy people promoting the Ponzi. If you refer your friends you are basically steeling their money.

All the warning signals of a scam

The Cash FX Group Forex scam has all the signals of a scam:

  • You can not pay by wire transfer of card
  • There is no information about who is behind the company
  • There is no address, other than the website claim that they are based in Panama
  • Panama is know as the country of money laundering and secrecy
  • It is promoted by people known to promote scams

The location of the website is hidden by using Cloudflare. The domain has private registration so we cannot see who own it. The domain was created in April 2019.


Cash FX Group Forex scam, that is what it is. Your money will not be traded. You will see your account growing week by week, but upon withdrawal there are no returns, unless other idiots put money in. Eventually the world runs out of idiots and the money is gone. A classical trading scam.

You can find more about the scamsters behind on comment32 Comments on Cash FX Group Forex Scam

32 Replies to “Cash FX Group Forex Scam

  1. This review is bullshit!! I’ve been in cash fx for 13 weeks now, every Saturday at 5pm(GMT) I’ve been paid my profits from the weeks trading, total transparency, we know who the owners are, my good friends of 30 years went to the launch in Panama, met the owners, met the traders, toured the offices!! Your review is false……

    These are the weekly returns in the 13 weeks I’ve been in this company

    Week 1: 5.08%
    Week 2: 9.85%
    Week 3: 9.77%
    Week 4: 9.53%
    Week 5: 9.68%
    Week 6: 11.16%
    Week 7: 9.29%
    Week 8: 10.08%
    Week 9: 9.01%
    Week 10: 10.53%
    Week 11: 9.56%
    Week 12: 10.54%
    Week 13: 9.68%

    1. Dam straight… I have cashed out many times and not once have I lost my Money… As a matter of fact I just double my initial amount in 4 months… CashFX is the real deal… There will always be jealous people who try to knock people who are doing great things, that is the truth… Keep up the great work boys 🙂

      Christian C.

    2. This review is not bullshit. My relative learned the hard way. I will give you one simple challenge, request the withdrawal of all of your funds on CashFX then come back and report what happens.

      The weekly percentages quoted are just numbers on the screen. Those profits are fake and like the writer of this post said is just the money from other people falling for the scam and your own money which you invested in the first place.

      When you want to withdraw all of your funds you even get charged a 20% fee which makes absolutely no sense other than daylight robbery.

      A lot of people disagreeing with this post are clearly affiliated with the CashFX scam or misinformed so please guys be careful with what you read and believe.

      As a general note, never put your money in the hands of another. Learn to trade yourself it’s not hard and you can make good returns especially in the crypto space.

  2. I have been in CASHFX since July of 2019.
    They have ALWAYS PAID ON TIME.

    I Have ALREADY received my Investment back and will continue to get paid until I DOUBLE my Investment..


    1. The basics of a Ponzi: You invest $100 – your money grows to $200 – you withdraw $100 and get your money back. Now you have proof, this is what all scamsters want to happen. Keep in mind, you haven’t received a cent from the scamsters, you received your own money back (yes, amazing…). Now that you know that the investment is for real you invest $1000, ten times the money. But when you want this money back, you get nothing. Who was the smartest, you or the scamsters who now have $1000 instead of $100?

  3. [email protected] Better well-known Ponzis have crashed my dear. And this is no exception. I hope you will be humble enough to come here and admit it. You have earned as an early bird. Others coming after you wouldn’t.

    1. Who ever wrote this just wants to be right. Been with cash fx for 3 months now. It always pays. Not a get rich quick quick by any means. But they have been solid. Just like anything you have to be smart about how you invest. However they are a good legitimate firm. Whoever wrote this, you are clearly not speaking from 1st hand experience. You probably just put this article together for the sake of writing something. Cash Fx is real. It’s profitable and it pays.

      1. Just be man enough to come back here and write a new comment when all your money is lost and the people behind Cash FX are long gone. Ponzis work for a limited time. Some a few months, Bernie Madoff manage to keep his alive for decades.

      2. Thanks for this positive comment I’ve seen few people backlashing Cfx making people scared to join… Talking it doesn’t have a owner you just didn’t look hard enough…. Which scammer so brave to host big meeting in Panama City for members and FBI etc don’t catch them.

        1. Scammers never hide. It is a key part of the scam so that you think you know who is behind. You can rest assure that no person will be handed over to the US or European authorities by the Dom Rep authorities. So the scamster are safe. But not long ago two guys who referred people to OneCoin was found shot in Mexico, so some investors take matters into their own hands.

  4. You can literally watch the trades being placed. You can watch the mt4 in the cfx backoffice and compare with your own mt4 and see live charts with live trades on it…

  5. This has been an amazing project which has been paying out consistently. Ron Pope who owns The Conversion Pros is behind this project and supplies all of the tech and marketing to CashFX. Very impressive!

    Even while the stock markets crash and with all of the Covid-19 cloud, we have earned between 6-9%. Amazing.

    New announcements that just launched today are very exciting. This will be a long term project and those that miss out…oh well!

    1. A ponzi will return money, until the people behind it take your money and run. Why cannot people use google and read up on how a ponzi works? It is not that difficult. Returns are paid from peoples deposits for as long as this is financially possible. When it no longer generate a profit (money in do not cover money out) the people behind the scam steel the rest of the money. Nothing high tech. No miracle. Just a plain old school scam. Why? Because there are NO trading in the world that generate these returns over time. A trader can be lucky a week, maybe even a month, never 6 months. But since there are no traders in a ponzi you dont need to worry about the trader losing your money – your money will pay others up to the point that they are stolen. You might be lucky and have a profit, but this mean you have stolen other peoples money. How does this make you feel? I would be sick, but in todays world it seem people dont care if others lose money…

      1. So how do you explain the people, my friend, who went to the panama office last year & worked with the owners & traders, she said she saw it all, as legit, owners own the building not leasing, so looks like they are in it for the long haul? Ive not invested yet, im sitting on it coz i see all the bad press its getting, the cloud token scam etc, so reluctant for even 300$, but i am tempted.. but your points make sense too… is it truly a ponzi scheme? Have u got any evidence to back this up? Id love to see it if u have before I consider actually investing

        1. So you are telling me that the owners of Cash FX owns the building in Panama? Come on, use common sense. No one can return 10-15% week after week and never lose money. The best traders in the world make 30% per year, in a very good year. There are traders that can return 10% per week, for 2-3 weeks, then they take a 100% loss and there is no money left. Stay away, this will end soon.

  6. Its a real shame that those who are making money think that CashFX is not a scam because they are making money. That is how any scam worth its salt reels people in. They pay you at first! Then, when you tell all your friends and relatives that they just GOTTA GET IN, at all costs, CashFX will eventually perform the old disappearing act – better known as an “Exit” scam. BitConnect duped $2.4 Billion out of innocent people, exactly this way, before those involved would finally believe it was a scam after 2 years running. Before that, they would not listen to anyone who said otherwise. I would know, because I tried to warn people who swore by BitConnect, and was told all the same tired excuses: “you don’t know what you’re talking about”, “this thing is legit”, “but I’m making money”, “you’re just a hater”, etc, etc… People ended up losing their entire life savings. I never received an apology letter from anyone that I warned to get out. To be fair, I did receive a couple of “Thank You” emails from people who never joined in the first place, after the crash and burn of BitConnect, who had asked me what I thought about it before they joined. This is no different. CashFX has different clothes, but its the same scam. The real shame is that people just don’t care about others, as long as they feel like they are getting paid. All they care about is themselves!

  7. Hello friends, am a beginner and some introduced me to cashfx but, my questions here is that, can i trust cashfx? 2. Are my save trading with cashfx? Is cashfx legit?

  8. Hey Realmlm,

    I think you missed a number of other large red flags. You could dive into the 30% they take for putting money in, plus the 20% they take when you withdraw money. They also heavily push the MLM side of things which encourages referrals so hard I thought I was playing a Facebook mini game. This of course helps fund their income. As well the classic MLM buzz words and levels like (Unilevel, Matrix, Trading Pool, Global Ambassadord, Global Leadership, etc.) Which are used to give bullshit titles for when you have signed up a lot of people, or have given them a lot of money.

    I was surprised however they survived Bitcoin’s drop this year. Do you have an estimated end date for a company such as this?

    1. Cash fx isn’t ponzi. I repeat. Cash fx isn’t a ponzi. Are you a forex trader? Follow the live trades’ signal to see for yourself. I tell you that you’ll get a dumbfounding result! This is an assignment for this week.

      1. I worked 10 years within Forex. So I know how trading works, and when someone present demo trading as real results. Ask Cash FX to trade your account with a decent broker in the US or UK and you will see nothing of the return they claim. For them its a 2 minute job to connect to your personal account with the broker and start trading it. I am certain they will never do it. It would be 2 minutes documenting that not a single trade is for real.

  9. On the current returns they are only paying out about $13 to $14 a week on the minimum $300 “investment” and you never get the promised $600 as 20% withdrawal fee is retained to fund the matrix. So it will take 43 weeks approx to get $480 back. But if you get suckered into Ron Popes promotional package that well cost up to $50 a month (min 3 month period) you will have taken 43 weeks to just about get your money back. But bear in mind this assumes bitcoin price remains fixed. Of course it may go up or down. But what effect will fluctuations in BTC price have and that could explain why returns are currently low as BTC prices have been rising so the BTC paid by early adopters cannot match the higher payouts made initially.
    Which raises another important question which is, why do payments need to be made in BTC anyway? Answer because it is untraceable. If it was legit surely it would be simpler and more straightforward to collect and disribute payments in dollars.

  10. Paying BTC to trade forex? Come on people. All legit brokers transact in local currencies through your bank. All transparent – all traceable. I’ve been involved in a Ponzi scheme and seen friends suckered in to others. In the first 12 months there is enough money being ‘invested’ to pay the members commission and keep the newbies rolling in. When everyone gets wise and the new starters drying up, the owners run for the hills with your cash – or in this case your bitcoin. If it looks and sounds and smells like a ponzi…….you know the rest.

  11. I’ve just entered into this, despite having a fairly clear understanding that this won’t last forever, however I’m not looking for it to do so.

    I’ve ‘invested’ (read:gambled) a few thousand that I could afford to lose, on the basis that as long as it keeps going another few months I should be able to get about a 60% return on my investment after all their ridiculous payout fees.

    With those fees in mind (30% when you buy in, 20% when you cash out), of which 50% of each is paid in commissions to the person who referred you, I set up a small account for myself and referred my partner which a larger package, so that those fees end up back in our own account.

    Most people will get suckered in to constantly upgrading to make bigger and bigger returns and when you do this, the game is definitely rigged to ensure your money stays locked in the company, but as long as you put in a small you can afford to lose, set a realistic end goal and exit on time, then you stand to make a few dollars, certainly more than you would attempting to place trades yourself through a forex trading platform!

    Do not refer your friends unless you either don’t care about stealing their money or they are fully aware of the risks.

  12. My questions to John and anyone that can answer it correctly without bias
    1.Is Everfx is a broker?
    2. Is Everfx is a broker to cashfx?
    3. Is Everfx real?
    4. Is Everfx a sponsor of Sevilla football club
    5.Have you been to panama city to confirmed if they are truly trading before this writeup?

    God bless you all

    1. Have you sent your investment to Everfx? Or did you send it to Cash FX?
      If you sent it to Cash FX your money is not in real trading. There is no way Everfx will accept pooled funds from Cash FX, their license would be gone in matter of weeks.

  13. The only dodgy thing about this review is the website address is suspect AF with it being “NOT SECURE”. So for this author to be making assumptions and comments on scams and ponzi schemes he might want to upgrade his website address so it doesn’t spam us with cookies etc……..

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