Starbit International scam review

The Starbit International scam describes itself as “the blockchain industry’s biggest opportunity”. The multilevel marketing company wants to help you make money by advertising the benefits of blockchain technology. Key products include an online blockchain educational course and an AI system that helps you understand the world of cryptocurrencies.

Is Starbit an innovating concept?

The simple answer is no. One of their main products is a two day seminar about blockchain held in Dubai. By the information on their webpage their knowledge about blockchain is very limited and you can learn more from spending a few hours on Google. They also promote a mining solution, in 3 minutes you will be mining crypto. I assume they refer to Bitcoin since most other blockchain’s will soon move away from mining. But with the current price of Bitcoin you will not make any money from mining anyway, so save your money.  To be honest, it seem that these people just gathered what they could find to make it look like there is a product to pay for.

Endorsed by Ted Nuyten

Ted Nuyten claim to be one of the best sources for MLM news trough his webpage Unfortunately he is also known for endorsing some of the worst scams we have seen, with OneCoin being the biggest one. Until recently Ted seemed strong in his faith that OneCoin was for real, now he seem convinced that Startbit is the new crypto business to support. I am sorry, but if you are a crypto MLM and get good reviews on all warnings signals is on, my advice, stay away!

Pay Plan

Statbit uses a hybrid pay plan with a mix of binary, unilevel and matching bonus. In addition to this we have businesses. All commissions are in Bitcoin which is typical for MLM crypto scams, as we have written about earlier, if only crypto currencies are accepted within a MLM business it is 99% lightly to be a scam.


Starbit is one of the worst designed crypto scams out there. The initial webpage looked like it was made by a 70 year old. The products have little or no value. The company hide behind privacy in Dubai. Stay away!