Crowd1 review

In this Crowd1 review we will look more into the token side of their business, the ownership. There are plenty of MLM reviews of the concept out there, so if you want to learn more about their income opportunity you can for example check out the review on The […] Read More

Skyway becomes NEEW

The greed of scamsters know no boundaries, Skyway becomes NEEW which will take over the world economy. If you dont know Skyway, they have since 2014 raised money for their transport system which would replace all public transport in the world, but after raising hundreds of millions of euro all […] Read More

Real crypto mining compared to scam mining

With so many people joining crypto mining scams every day it was about time we write an article about real crypto mining compared to scam mining. What is it a crypto mining scam, is real mining profitable? The crypto mining scams Lets start with the big question, does mining scams […] Read More


In this F2TRADING CORPORATION Scam Review you will learn why you should stay away from this opportunity. We dont really need to go in depth to see that this is a traditional crypto scam, it has all the scam warnings written all over it. What does F2TRADING CORPORATION offer? On […] Read More

Cash FX Group Forex Scam

There seem to be no end to all the crypto and forex scams. Cash FX Group Forex scam is the latest, officially launching in Panama on November 8-10 2019. As often with these types of scams they are promoted by the same people, people who dont care if you lose […] Read More

Cloud Token Wallet Scam

The Cloud Token Wallet scam is yet another crypto scam. I am surprised how people fall for these scams, they are basically copies of each other and super simple to spot. If its too good to be true… then its not true. Who is behind the Cloud Token Wallet scam? […] Read More

iBuumerand, another travel MLM

Over the last year or so the number of distributors in World Ventures have fallen like a rock, and it’s no wonder as their pay plan is really bad. It would seem that many have instead joined iBuumerang, another travel MLM. As always with travel MLM’s they promise big savings, […] Read More

World Ventures Income Statement

With its release of the latest income statement for the US distributors we get some interesting facts about World Ventures, and some questions. How much do they return to their distributors? Are their revenue for real or made up numbers? In case you dont know World Ventures is a travel […] Read More

VIP Premier, a new casino coin scam

VIP Premier is one of the latest coin scams to be launched, claiming to be fully operational from July 2019. They guaranty a 25% weekly return on your deposit, for 6 weeks. For example, by investing $20 you will receive a return of $30 (they use small amounts to clearly […] Read More

Cryptyvest mining scam

With its domain registered in August 2019 Cryptyvest is one of the newest crypto mining scams around trying to fool people into believing that Bitcoin mining will make them rich. It is being promoted heavily on LinkedIn by a guy from Morocco, Aziz B, not sure if he is behind […] Read More