Cash FX 2021 update

Cash FX in December 2020 claim to have more than 100 000 investors. Even with all the evidence that this is a scam people keep sending them money. This is an updated of the 2020 update we did back in September. Hot of the press; EverFX now denies that it […] Read More

Elysium Network / Elysium Capital review

Elysium Network (Elysium Capital) is yet another Forex MLM business. They rarely last long and will for most people mean a loss of money. All of these companies are started for the wrong reasons, and with a layer of lies to make people believe they are managed by professionals. Lets […] Read More

Crowd1 review – 2021 update

Crowd1 has now been banned on 12 countries, sadly Sweden and Spain where the scam is operated from has not taken any action. But it seem the management is feeling the heat, on December 11 Crowd1 informed their members that the Crowd1 CEO Johan Stael von Holstein had left the […] Read More

eComelize no product MLM

Besides the fact that eComelize is started by someone who have been associated with well-known scams there is no proof that that this business is a scam, besides that Comelize is a no product MLM. But without a product it is an illegal pyramide scheme. The company provides corporate addresses […] Read More

TechVision another trading scam

The MLM scamster go from one company to another as they start to collapse, and eventually they understand who makes the big money, the people behind. So they start launching their own companies, which seem to be the case with TechVision, just another trading scam. The company was registered in […] Read More

Scam updates

There are so many scams being launched that it would take a fully staffed office to keep track of them all and write reviews. It is surprising to see that people never learn, they lose money and start over and over in the hope that eventually they will be on […] Read More

Wall of Shame – MLM Scamsters

No surprise, the same people are behind most of the MLM scams and Ponzis. We will therefore updates this Wall of Shame – MLM Scamsters, whenever we have time. It is a huge task, there are hundreds of key people, and thousands who actively work for the scamsters. Keep in […] Read More

Skyway becomes NEEW

The greed of scamsters know no boundaries, Skyway becomes NEEW which will take over the world economy. If you dont know Skyway, they have since 2014 raised money for their transport system which would replace all public transport in the world, but after raising hundreds of millions of euro all […] Read More

Real crypto mining compared to scam mining

With so many people joining crypto mining scams every day it was about time we write an article about real crypto mining compared to scam mining. What is it a crypto mining scam, is real mining profitable? The crypto mining scams Lets start with the big question, does mining scams […] Read More


In this F2TRADING CORPORATION Scam Review you will learn why you should stay away from this opportunity. We dont really need to go in depth to see that this is a traditional crypto scam, it has all the scam warnings written all over it. What does F2TRADING CORPORATION offer? On […] Read More